Pupil voice

Head Boys and Girls 2017-18


Our head boy and girl for 2017-18 are Eleanor and Jacob. Both are already doing a fantastic job and are positive role models to the rest of the school. This year we have shared the workload with Deputy Captains, Laura and Logan. All four are forming a fantastic team.

“Hi, my name is Eleanor and I am your Head Girl. I will make sure Sawtry Junior Academy will be the best it can be!”

“My name is Jacob and I am Head Boy of the Academy. I hope to represent my school at each and every event and competition.”


“Hi, my name is Logan and I am the Deputy Head Boy. I am so excited that I have been chosen to play this role. My hobbies are playing the Ukulele and skateboarding.”

“Hi, my name is Laura. I’m your Deputy Head Girl. If you need anything at all just ask me and I will try my best to make it happen. I can’t wait to take on the role.”



Already our Heads and House captains have been busy handing out awards in assembly and by taking items over to the food bank.  They have also welcomed parents at consultation evening, accepted our Poppy Appeal award and an award for sponsoring a student in Malawi. They have been tour guides during our Open Morning and ran the Secondhand clothing stall.

House Captains

On Thursday 7th September we held our first House meetings of the Academic year. Prospective House Captains had completed a detailed application and presented to their house their reasons for wishing to represent them. The Houses then elected their captains for 2017-18.

All are enjoying their duties – especially collecting housepoints and announcing the winners each week in celebration assembly.

Each half term the house Captains meet with our Principal, Mrs Flack to discuss issues in school and to set the house meeting agenda. They then run the meetings and report back so that actions can be put in place.

In addition our House captains work hard throughout the year helping out at different events.


“My name is Preston. I’m really proud to be Mercury house captain. I will try to make Mercury the best possible house. I hope you enjoy having me as you captain.” 

“Hi, I’m Lexi and I am ten years old. I am Mercury house captain. my hobbies are gymnastics and art. I’m proud to be house captain and I will work hard. Go Mercury.”



“My name is Shauna and I am ten years old. I am really proud to represent Jupiter. my hobbies are drawing and art. Go Jupiter!”

“My name is Alfie. I’m House Captain for Jupiter. I will help Jupiter win and make it the best house out of the four!”



“Hello, my name is Cameron and I am Neptune’s House Captain. I like football. I will try to inspire Neptune to be the best.”

“Hi, I’m Ruby and I am Neptune’s House Captain. I will try my hardest to make Neptune do their best. I will encourage you as best as I can. I also like playing football. Come on Neptune.”


“Hello, my name is Elliot and I’m Saturn’s House Captain. I can make Saturn the best house.”

Hi I’m Ashlea and I am proud to be a Saturn house captain. I will work as hard as i can to make Saturn succeed this year.”