Creative curriculum information and overviews

Curriculum overviews

The documents below outline the creative curriculum in each year group, showing how it fits in to a cohesive and creative learning journey. It shows our curriculum coverage and progression, the links within and between subjects, our learning for life and enrichment opportunities.

Creative Curriculum overview Year 4 2018-19 - whole year


Below are the termly curriculum information sheets for this academic year 2017-18 for each class / year group. Paper copies are sent home at the start of each term. Additional copies can also be obtained from the office.

Summer 2018

Year 3 Curriculum newsletter Summer 2018

Hydra Curriculum newsletter Summer 2018

Cygnus Curriculum newsletter Summer 2018

Year 5 Curriculum newsletter Summer 2018

Draco Curriculum newsletter Summer 2018

Volans Curriculum newsletter Summer 2018

Spring 2018

Corvus Curriculum Newsletter Spring 2018

Cygnus Curriculum Newsletter Spring 2018

Hydra Curriculum Newsletter Spring 2018

Year 5 Curriculum newsletter Spring 2018

Year 6 Curriculum Newsletter Spring 2018

Autumn 2017

Yr6 Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2017

Year 5 Delphinus Curriculum Overview Autumn 2017 Year 5 Aquila Curriculum Overview Autumn 2017 Year 4 Hydra Curriculum Overview Autumn 2017 Year 4 Cygnus Curriculum Overview Autumn Year 3 Curriculum Overview Autumn 2017