We have eight classes, two in each year group. Each pair of classes work and plan closely together to create our rich and exciting curriculum.

In line with our stars theme, each of our classes is named after an animal constellation.


Lynx class is Year 3. The Lynx class teacher is Miss James. The Teaching assistant supporting Lynx class is Mrs Newson



Corvus class is one of our Year 3 classes. The class teacher in Corvus is Miss Mann. The teaching assistants working in Corvus class are Mrs McAvoy and Mrs Searle.




Cygnus is one of our Year 4 classes.  The teachers is Miss Prout. The teaching assistant in the classroom is Mrs Folkes.




Hydra is a year 4 class. The class teacher is Mrs Hilton and the teaching assistants is Mrs McAvoy.



Aquila is Year 5. The class teacher is Miss Ballentine.  The teaching assistants are Mrs Searle and Mrs Chamberlain.



Delphinus class is a year five class taught by Miss Warren.  The teaching assistants are Mrs Searle and Mrs Chamberlain.




Volans Class is a year 6 class.  The teacher is Mr Goodrum and the teaching assistant is Mrs Earle.




Draco is one of our Year 6 classes. The class teacher are Mrs Berry (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs Palmer (Wednesday to Friday). Mrs Wilson is the teaching assistant.