English is taught in a dedicated session in the morning and supported with additional focused activities in the basics of spelling punctuation, grammar and handwriting beyond the English lesson.

At Sawtry Junior Academy we follow the new National Curriculum 2014 for English. We have a strong emphasis on talk for writing and accuracy within both talk and writing.

Becoming confident, fluent readers and accurate, skilled and creative writers is key to our English Curriculum. Quality texts by a variety of well-known (and not so well-known) authors are chosen to model the skills that are being developed in all English Units of work.

Reading is taught using a whole class approach. This is a daily, whole class strategy which focuses on the key skills of reading; predicting, inferring, asking questions, evaluating, clarifiying, summarising and making connections.

Please find below documents and resources to help support your child with English at Sawtry Junior Academy.

Handwriting Procedure Approach to reading updated June 2018 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Searchlights reading strategies