Pupil voice

Head Boys and Girls 2018-19 

Our head boy and girl for 2018-19 are Harry and Amy. Their deputies are Lukasz and Sophie.

“Hi, I am Amy. I’m your Head Girl. I am proud to represent this school and if you need any help and don’t have anyone to play with, I will always be there for you.”

“Hello, I am Harry. I am Head Boy! Being Head Boy makes me feel really happy. I am proud to represent the school and I am happy to deal with your problems!”

“My name is Lukasz. I am the Deputy Head boy. I am proud to represent the school because I can help people if they need help. I can tell them information about the school.”

“Hi, my name is Sophie. I am the Deputy Head Girl for this year. I am proud to represent the school in many different ways. If you need anything come to me and I will try my hardest to help you.”

Already our Heads and House captains have been busy handing out awards in assembly, selling cakes during the Macmillan coffee morning and after school. They have sorted Harvest items for the “3 pillars homeless charity” and by taking items over to Sawtry food bank.

House Captains

On Thursday 6th September we held our first House meetings of the Academic year. Prospective House Captains had completed a detailed application and presented to their house their reasons for wishing to represent them. The Houses then elected their captains for 2018-19.


All are enjoying their duties – especially collecting housepoints and announcing the winners each week in celebration assembly.

Each half term the house Captains meet with our Principal, Mrs Flack to discuss issues in school and to set the house meeting agenda. They then run the meetings and report back so that actions can be put in place.

In addition our House captains work hard throughout the year helping out at different events.


“My name is May and I am Mercury house captain. I would like to help Mercury win the House cup this year. You can come to me if you need any help. Joshua and I will also be happy to answer any questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask. Go Mercury!”

“My name is Joshua and I’m the Mercury House Captain and you can come to me and may when you need help. We will be happy to answer any questions that you need an answer to.”


“My name is Grace and I’m a Jupiter house captain. You come to me or Ben if you need help or you want to talk. I am nice to people. We are here if you need us. Thank you.”


“My name is Ben. You can come up to me or Grace if you need help. I will play with you if you are lonely or sad. You can play football with me. Me and Grace are there for you.

Go Jupiter!”


“What will make our house the best in the school? We will be able to help you. I am called Marley and the other captain is Vivien. We are all very nice and helpful. We will help you and if you do the exact same as us our house will be best. Come on Neptune!”

“My name is Vivien. I am the Neptune House Captain. I will make our house win! You can come to me if you need help – even if you are a different house. Marley is my partner. He would help you too. All house Captains are happy to help you. I would get all your goals ticked – bronze, silver, gold…even ruby!

Thank you”


“Saturn is the best house ever and how can we prove it? Easy, get housepoints, no colours and help each other. Kayla and I will help you if you are stuck. So if you want to come to us for help at any time, any place. Too boost everyone’s Saturn minds…GO SATURN!”


Our prefect team this year had to apply for their posts! They have done a fantastic job helping in the dining hall, helping the younger children, keeping the library tidy, on corridor duty and setting up for assembly – among other jobs around school.