School sports

All pupils participate in our Annual Sports Day which involves both collaborative and competitive activities and events. Our pupil sports leaders also are involved in organising the events.

At Sawtry Junior Academy we are committed to providing our pupils with plenty of opportunities to get their recommended amount of weekly exercise. We are lucky enough to have extensive playing fields, playgrounds with sufficient space for several sports courts and a large hall. In addition, the local swimming pool is within 5 minutes walk away.

Our primary school sports funding is being used in a variety of ways to ensure a high quality Sports curriculum, including access to a specialist sports teacher.

It is our aim to offer the children the development of these skills through a wide variety of activities beyond the normal primary curriculum. The children participate in 2 hours of physical activity timetabled each week. Wherever appropriate, this is linked to their theme for the term.  The activities covered in curriculum time are Dance, Gymnastics, Games and Athletics with children going swimming in Year 4.

The academy enter teams into a range of inter school and in school competitions in sport and promotes good sporting behaviour. Children learn how to care for their bodies both physically and mentally. They are encouraged to develop a growing self-awareness, positive attitude and commitment to self-improvement through setting goals, so that they are ultimately able to influence their own quality of life.

Each term our clubs are changed so that throughout the course of the year, the academy offers a range of extra-curricular sports clubs including: Table tennis, Bowls, Football, Running, Gymnastics, Dance, Dodgeball, Multi-sports, Kurling, Fitness and Athletics.

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