Values and vision

  • Achievement for all

    Achievement for all

    Enable all to achieve their potential and make good progress with their learning.

  • Valuing People

    Valuing People

    Provide an inclusive and tolerant community in which differences and similarities are celebrated and shared.

  • A high quality learning environment

    A high quality learning environment

    Equip our children with the technological social and academic skills for a modern British and International success.

  • The pursuit of excellence

    The pursuit of excellence

    Develop as a centre of excellence and an outstanding model for good practice.

  • Extending the boundaries of learning

    Extending the boundaries of learning

    Guide our children to develop as motivated independent learners in order to develop children's whole self and wider skills for life.

As a CMAT academy, our core values are at the heart of everything that we do.

Pursuit Of Excellence

  • By expecting this of every person, every day
  • Rejecting outright any sense of complacency
  • Continually striving for the creation of a true meritocracy
  • Promoting and celebrating elite performance inside school and in the wider world

Value Our People

  • Appreciating the incredible trust placed with us in educating young people and serving our community
  • Valuing the diversity and qualities of our staff and students
  • Ensuring that all students and staff feel known, appreciated and supported
  • Committing whole-heartedly to collaboration within, between and beyond our academies

Achievement For All

  • Ensuring that every student achieves their maximum potential
  • Maintaining a relentless sense of optimism
  • Removing barriers to learning
  • Providing a whole education: academic excellence co-existing with an exceptional commitment to activity beyond

High-Quality Learning Environment

  • Providing high quality buildings, engaging classrooms and excellent sporting facilities
  • Delivering innovative learning resources and materials
  • Ensuring a well-disciplined and caring environment
  • Exploiting cutting edge technologies to expand the opportunities for students, staff and our community to benefit from learning in a digital age

Extending The Boundaries Of Learning

  • Providing positive memorable experiences inside and outside of the classroom
  • Providing a diversity of experience to all
  • Opening up the world to all students
  • Securing the very best future educational and vocational experiences for our students